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Unternehmerische Strukturen werden zunehmend durch den raschen Wandel von Markt, Wettbewerb und regulatorischen Anforderungen geprägt. Strategische Überlegungen erfassen auch das Risikomanagement und damit die Interne Revision.

The business environment has changed and continues to change, affecting every organisation, in every market, to one degree or another. As the risk landscape expands and with it the complexity of doing business, challenges and opportunities are being created. It is essential for organisations to be ready to respond, but it's by no means easy.

Every successful business is underpinned by robust governance and controls and this includes an effective and valued Internal Audit function - one that is aligned to the strategic objectives of the organisation and able to deliver genuine insight.

As a business that's going places, we believe you can and should expect more from Internal Audit and an outsourced approach can help you achieve this. An outsourced team, aligned to your strategy, relevant to the issues you're facing and armed with innovative techniques and technology, is capable of providing the insights, comfort and confidence you need to deliver against your objectives.

As a business that's going places, we believe you can and should expect more from Internal Audit and a co-sourced approach can help you achieve this. Co-sourcing makes sense when you are struggling to retain specialist resources or fill particular skills gaps or where you need to respond to digital or transformational disruption.

One of the simplest Web-based tools to efficiently manage and follow-up audit findings, recommendations and action plans.

This survey is representative of the Luxembourg corporate environment. That’s why financial service companies feature among the respondents, which include banks and other financial sectors (e.g. asset management companies, investment funds and insurance providers) as well as non-financial organisations (e.g. industries, services and public sector).

Making your in-house legal function effective

The current harsh economic climate, globalisation, mergers, governance requirements and business competition affect the way the In-house Legal Function is seen, used and led. Today’s In-house Legal Function needs to be strategically aligned with your business challenges; a solution-minded business partner with reliable and robust business outcomes.

Internal Audit Solutions

In a competitive and constantly changing economic, market and regulatory environment, companies are struggling to identify and manage the risks they face. However, maximising value and effectiveness are essential to thrive today. These new business challenges have led Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officers to search ways to upgrade risk management. Building a strategic Internal Audit function is the solution to take up this challenge. An increasing number of companies have recognised the benefits of working with a third party to support them in their needs.

UCITS IV Internal Audit: seize the opportunity to implement a tailored and value driven function

Article 12 of the CSSF regulation 10-4, transposing the European Directive 2010/43/EU of 1 July 2010, requires UCITS Management Companies to implement, applying a proportionality principle, a permanent and independent internal audit function. This Internal Audit function shall to be effective as from 1 July 2011.