Regulatory Assistance

The regulatory environment in which organisations operate today is becoming more and more complex. This particularly applies to entities of the financial sector, which need to have a clear understanding of the requirements affecting their organisation and the ways of ensuring compliance with them. Regulatory requirements also exist for IT-related activities, since IT systems as well as the data managed via these systems represent a critical asset for each organisation which needs to be adequately protected.

Your Challenges

Here are some of the challenges you might face:

  • Lack of understanding or personnel to identify which IT-related requirements need to be complied with by your organisation;
  • Difficulty to come up with solutions in order to ensure compliance with applicable requirements or to address compliance gaps identified by your internal or external auditor;
  • Internal doubts related to a revised operating model (e.g. IT outsourcing) or new client solution (e.g. web-based payment platform);
  • Insufficient experience or lack of resources needed for the preparation of documentation related to an IT project requiring the formal approval of the regulatory authorities.

How we can help

Our experienced Regulatory experts provide tailor-made solutions based on your needs to help you:

  • Identify all existing regulatory requirements applicable to your organisation which impact your IT environment;
  • Perform a gap analysis’ determining specific regulatory requirements such as new CSSF circulars;
  • Define solutions to address identified compliance gaps;
  • Obtain formal approval for your IT-projects by the regulatory authorities;
  • Implement an IT-Governance structure within your organisation which clearly defines roles and responsibilities while ensuring general principles (such as segregation of duties) aligned with best market practices and regulatory requirements;
  • Manage the whole lifecycle of your IT-projects and identify potential regulatory risks.