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You know your business the best, but it may sometimes be difficult for you to understand the process to follow in selecting a new package and in effectively managing projects related to the IT strategy of the finance function.

Today’s finance function is faced with an increasing number of issues driven by changes, pressures and challenges to which there is no single “best answer”. All areas of the finance function are concerned and CFOs are looking for methodologies to help make their activities more effective and efficient.

Procurement and accounts payable involve a range of complex transactions between organisations. This includes decisions on the quality, quantity and timing of purchases, the receipt of ordered goods or services and the related payments to vendors.

Finance Function Effectiveness: Exchanging with Experts

In order to continue to respond to our client’s needs in today’s volatile marketplace, our Finance Function Effectiveness (FFE) team invites you to meet, discuss, and share with us on a finance function topic of your choosing. FFE and its team of experts would to meet with your financial executives to prompt a dialogue, exchanging thoughts, ideas, know-how, and expertise related to today’s finance function’s challenges and opportunities.

CFO Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Survey

For the last couple of years Luxembourg companies have been facing economic uncertainty and turmoil. This unprecedented situation has urged the need for both Top Management and Executives to have relevant and reliable information at their disposal to drive their business.
As a result, the role of CFOs and Finance Function’s Executives had to change accordingly to provide them with insightful Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to support monitoring and decision support.

CFO Budgeting Survey

The CFO Budgeting Survey focus on organisational priorities, current budgeting and forecasting processes as well as related controls and accuracy. We explore how senior finance executives adapt their management, planning, reporting and assessment to effectively compete in difficult market conditions.

e-Accounts: A distinctive solution for the preparation of your annual accounts

Since 1 January 2012, all companies must file electronically their accounting package. The procedures differ for entities which are required or not to file their trial balance under the Luxembourg Standard Chart of Accounts (SCA) format.

The PwC’s CFO Reporting Survey examines all the initiatives that our sample of participants have developed in Luxembourg to tackle reporting challenges and to improve the performance in term of processes and organisation.
This survey provides a unique and unprecedented overview of the priorities of the Finance Function regarding the 2011 reporting in Luxembourg. It gathers a large variety of data which allow us to identify patterns and trends regardless of the sector of activity and size of the respondents.

Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2010

CFOs and their teams are struggling with the increasing and competing demands placed upon them, particularly coming out of the downturn. Finance functions, focused for so long on compliance and control, have found themselves under great pressure to tightly manage costs and provide more and better management information to the business.

Finance Function Effectiveness

As a CFO, Finance Director or Compliance Officer, you have to face a complex, constantly changing business environment. Your growth and cost management strategies need to be supported by a flexible Finance Function. Making sure that your finance departments deliver transparent, efficient, forward-looking insight, while at the same time they manage risk and ensure compliance, effectively deploy and allocate resources is your daily objective.