Corporate Responsibility at PwC: People


People are the key success factor of our organisation. We strive to provide a unique, engaging and motivating experience to allow them to give their best and to develop their full potential. We are committed to a long-term strategy that focuses on foundational priorities like finding and retaining talents, organising their development, ensuring their mobility and diversity, and providing them with a flexible and supportive environment.


Our strategy to confidently invest in the future - even in tough economic times - enables us to sustainably reinforce our workforce to 2,600 employees in January 2015. At PwC, we care about offering development solutions to our people to foster our excellence in client service delivery and to contribute to our peoples' employability.


Read more about "People" and following topics:

  • Finding and retaining our talents
  • Investing in people: coaching, learning & development
  • Measuring our people engagement
  • Diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Health and well-being
  • Work/life flexibility

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