Corporate Responsibility at PwC: Market Place

Market place
Market Place

We strive at building relationships with our clients that help them create the value they are looking for. We are a diverse firm that provides trusted business services in the fields of audit, tax and advisory to local, middle market entrepreneurs, financial and large multinational companies which operate mainly in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region (i.e. Saarland, Lorraine, Rhineland-Palatinate and Wallonia). We generated € 337 million in revenues in 2015, which represents a growth of 7% compared to last year. This section covers how we interact with the market place, the initiatives we bring forward and the impact that we have on this region.


Read more about "Market Place" and following topics:

  • We place responsible growth at the heart of our ambition
  • What our clients say about us
  • Thought leadership to promote the Luxembourg economy
  • Measuring our impact on the country
  • Providing insight into sustainability

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