Corporate Responsibility at PwC: Environment


Aware of our environmental impact, we keep on looking for ways to reduce it. Our efforts will continue to be focused on raising awareness of environmental issues among our people and in our communities. As a large service company, we have a duty to analyse our impact on global warming by assessing our carbon footprint. We acknowledge that this initiative is restrictive but carbon footprint turns out to be the most significant environmental impact our activities generate. We aim to become a responsible carbon neutral firm within the next few years.

"All major events organised by PwC Luxembourg are subject to a CO2 compensation, which gives us the opportunity to support projects that help reduce carbon emissions around the world."

Throughout the year, we took proactive steps to track our carbon emissions using the Bilan Carbone® methodology, which helped us identify actions to minimise our carbon footprint. This year, we generated 12,727 CO2 equivalent tons, which represents 6.43 CO2 equivalent tons per employee. As a services-based company, the main source of our emissions is linked to our people activity within the firm.


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