Corporate Responsibility at PwC: Actions Positives


We've been granted the «Actions Positives» label from the Ministry of Equal Opportunities. This is an indisputable recognition for gender equality.

We started developing a gender equal working place and working practices 15 years ago. At that time very few corporate players were engaged in that sense.

Over the last years, we have been working towards the promotion of gender diversity as a key element of our firm’s performance. Here are a few examples: sponsoring of women sport events, business women of the year award and connected women events.

Now, we've decided to go a step further and enroll in the "Actions Positives" initiative.

We applied - beside other companies - to be eligible for the ministerial label "Actions Positives". Based on:

  • an extensive documentation of our practices and results in terms of gender diversity
  • a survey in September 2011
  • an ambitious action plan
  • an awareness campaign

We've been granted the "Actions Positives" label for two years.

This means that we have to implement actions like:

  • Increased communication and promotion of alternative career models
  • Promotion of flexible working arrangements
  • Campaign on gender stereotypes
  • Promotion of diversity in the working place (adequate and respectful relationships)
  • Innovative learning modules around self-balance called "Mind Your Self"
  • Etc.