Corporate Responsibility at PwC: Community


We believe that we have a social obligation to provide support where we think it is needed. Engaging our people to get involved not only makes a difference in the lives of others, it enables us to better connect with one another, create stronger relationships across our many lines of service and develop our people. Our long-term goal is to embed corporate responsibility into every facet of the business (i.e. cross functional areas, lines of business, human resources, ethics, client service, performance development and recruiting) in a cohesive manner that ensures accountability throughout the organisation.

The CSR Office is responsible for coordinating and ensuring the smooth running of our Community initiatives within PwC Luxembourg. It also ensures the logic and consistency of the many CSR initiatives undertaken. Our CSR Office comprises 15 consultative members (i.e. partners, directors, managers and administrators) from our main lines of services. All requests for community support in the form of grants or sponsorships for consideration by PwC Luxembourg are assessed upon approval of our CSR Office that has defined the following assessment pillars for the next three years:

  • becoming a carbon neutral firm,
  • representing the Luxembourg diversity (gender, nationalities, culture...),
  • supporting the marketplace to develop sustainable investment vehicles offering not only a financial return but also social and environmental benefits.

Every CSR initiative will be assessed following these three pillars. This assessment will determine if the initiative is eligible for a sponsorship or not.


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