Who we are

We're a people business, so it's all about how we enable our People to be at their best. In 2016, we intensified our efforts, further developing an inclusive culture for both women and men to achieve their full potential.



Building a great place to work

No two career paths are alike and we provide the training, coaching and client experiences that help our People build relationships and shape their career their own way.

For a multi-generational workforce like ours, flexibility is vital. We understand that everyone has a life outside work, and that people's aspirations and expectations are changing over time. That's why we further run our working time management programmes. These include Flexi-time, career-break, part-time, etc.

We continue to look into new ways to be as flexible as possible. We dramatically changed the way we work, giving our People the means to be even more collaborative. Crystal Park and the Experience Center nurture collaboration and co-creation. Case in point: we developed apps to allow our People to interact on the go (managing their time and absence or their business trip).

Finally, we believe that work and fun can go hand in hand. We launched the "10 small things" programme over the year to give a bit of excitement. Examples of this initiative include Friday jeans, video games in coffee corners, beauty salon, Monday at Mudam, etc.



Taking pride in diversity

The essence of diversity is that everyone has their own qualities. We strive for an inclusive culture that is fair, open and safe for everyone. For us, diversity means valuing differences and pushing for even more inclusiveness, particularly as we think about current challenges from a societal perspective.


Making difference our force

We're convinced that we need diverse talent to solve important problems. That's why we employ people with a vast array of backgrounds and experiences. We try to team up different mindsets and approaches to reach the best possible solutions.


Promoting gender parity

About 40% of today's global workforce are women, yet just 5% of global CEO positions are held by women. Is it any wonder then that there's a growing sense of frustration around achieving greater gender parity throughout business? The need to address the gender imbalance has become a priority for us.
We're confident we'll reach the 50:50 gender balance over the coming years. Progress doesn't happen overnight - but we're starting to see the fruits of our labour. This year 47% of our People are women.

Through our Women&Men@PwC committee, we supported our ongoing commitment to gender diversity through our firm-wide engagement in the UN Women's HeforShe Campaign asking our People to make a pledge for diversity.



At the same time, as part of our ongoing efforts to empower women in the workforce and provoke thoughtful dialogue around important diversity issues, we organised various public events dedicated to businesswomen like Connected Women or Women in Private Equity.

Responsible for our People

We embrace health through every aspect of our business.

Mind Your Self is a programme that promotes physical and mental health, based on four pillars: Mind, Emotions, Body and Relations. We bring in external specialists and trainers to enhance our People wellbeing.

Sport @ PwC is an inhouse infrastructure featuring ten group sessions of step, yoga, cross-training, tae-bo and many more activities every week. Our People have access to the gym, lockers and showers available in our facilities.


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