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We offer our clients an integrated approach to our services. Our core service lines - Audit & Assurance, Advisory and Tax have all seen an acceleration in revenue growth over the past year. This was driven by increased investment in our people and infrastructure, significant client wins and new offerings.




Digitising our services

Digital disruption is affecting all industries at a faster pace than ever. Migrating to a digital set is both a leeway to succeed in an ever-changing landscape and a challenge for any organisation. At PwC, we are developing digital services for our clients and an ecosystem which enable us to create solutions together.


Teaming up with other companies

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Creating our own Experience Center


Our Experience Center accelerates how we provide digital-centric services to our clients. It's an ecosystem of talent, environment, and solutions, combining the best of technology and advisory. The Experience Center is innovation with a sense of purpose and speed that can be elusive for many organisations. We're pioneering a new model to help our clients build and deliver experiences, products and services to market faster than they otherwise could. 


Launching Digital services



Business leaders we talk to are often unclear about how digital affects their business, as well as the challenges and opportunities it brings. That's why we've assembled a digital offering that goes from strategy, through execution, to implementation.



Building trust in the market

Helping millenials gain investing confidence

European citizens are required, more than ever, to invest their savings in capital markets to save for their future pension, while contributing to the financing of the European economy. At the same time, financial products and financial regulation are increasingly complex while investor education remains a challenge. In this context, we launched Buzz4Funds, an education platform dedicated to raising public understanding of financial investing. The primary goal for this programme is to arm millennial investors with the unbiased information they need to make investing decisions.


The largest audit market share in the fund industry

With an audit market share of half of the Luxembourg fund industry, we value the trust placed in our team and the importance of making the most of our leading position in asset management, to build confidence in the industry and to help solve asset managers' challenges.

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Believing in Europe

In this period of uncertainty, every business needs to consider what Brexit could mean. Scenario planning, taking the latest developments into account, will be vital as the landscape continues to evolve across the whole spectrum of concerns for business - from people policy to passporting of goods and services, to name but two.

We’ve been actively supporting our clients with their readiness plans as they start to digest what Brexit could mean. The impacts will vary enormously and we advise organisations in any event to continue to focus on their growth strategies while developing options to manage the challenges and opportunities ahead. The interplay between business and politics - commercial activity and the regulatory framework around it - will inevitably be made more complex by these events. Such periods of change bring opportunities as well as challenges. Careful and well informed revisions in companies' strategy might be necessary.

At PwC Luxembourg, we have a dedicated Brexit team, plugged into our global network, with the latest strategic, operational and technical insights together with expert opinion  on likely trajectories, political, legal and financial issues. Over the coming months and  years, what our clients need is stability - an environment they can rely on to grow their  business.


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Responsible for our business

Future of Tax: in collaboration with TNS ILRES, we've questioned a representative panel of 60 Luxembourg residents to have their opinions on the corporate taxation reform started by the Government.
By organising training sessions and group discussions, we've been able to better understand their points of view and ideas. We then put together a technical comment on this topic and published the results of the survey on our website.

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