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We started the year with the vision to embed sustainability into the core of who we are and everything we do. We're convinced that we all have an important role to  play in the sustainability agenda and we thought it was about time we properly understood ours.

We've concentrated our efforts this year to understand what sustainability means and the challenges we should prioritise and integrate in our firm's strategy. And since sustainability can mean so many different things, it was vital for us to concentrate on our core business in tax, audit and advisory.

Our biggest achievement this year has been to perform a materiality study to identify our sustainability priorities through a comprehensive stakeholder engagement. We're persuaded that this initial analysis, together with a continued commitment to fulfil our vision, will empower us to achieve greater responsible, profitable growth.






Our materiality matrix

Our stakeholder engagement enabled us to determine 15 topics we need to focus on as we move further in our sustainability journey.


Our next steps will be to move to actions and embed our CR lens into our business operating model. This role has been allocated to each of our leaders, who are now designing a tangible action plan.


Responsible for the environment

Commuting @ PwC - more mobility with less emissions!

Bicycle parking: We've put in place 28 parking spots for bicycles and our People have showers, lockers and changing rooms at their
Car-sharing: We've renewed our fleet, which now features 15 electric and diesel cars, easy to book and activate through SwopCar,
a mobile application. Our services had 4,000 usages during the last year.
Jobkaart: We cover 100% of our People public transport costs within Luxembourg City.
M-Pass: We cover 50% of our People public transport costs within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


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