Further to the implementation of the electronic filing in Luxembourg applicable to the companies under the scope of the Luxembourg Standard Chart of Accounts (“SCA”), the latter are now required to file their annual accounts and their trial balance under SCA through two different channels:

  • the structured information pack composed of the trial balance under SCA, the balance sheet as well as the profit and loss account;
  • the non structured information pack composed of the notes to the accounts, the mandatory reports (e.g. management report and independent auditor report), the optional additional documents and the filing notice.

The structured information pack must be prepared and validated on the eCDF platform, the financial data collection tool, and filed with the non structured information pack on the eRCS website, the Luxembourg Trade Register.

PwC Luxembourg has developed a fully integrated web-based solution enabling you to manage the production of your annual accounts from your environment (i.e. accounting system) to the Luxembourg State environment (i.e. the filing on the eCDF and eRCS platforms). e-Accounts manages both the structured information and the non-structured information processes in a single application.

Quality and effectiveness are the key drivers of this user-friendly application. Developed by professionals, e-Accounts is a guarantee of an up-to-date compliant system and of a value-added support by accounting experts through templates issued from our technical team.