Your distinctive solution for the preparation of your annual accounts

You believe the preparation of your annual accounts is time consuming? You are not sure to be up-to-date with the last legislation changes?

Try our e-Accounts web-based solution.

Whatever your accounting solution is, e-Accounts will allow you to prepare your annual accounts in accordance with all the Luxembourg legal and regulatory requirements, from the structured information to be filed to the eCDF platform (generation of the eCDF standard forms) to the non-structured information to be filed to the Trade Register (generation of the notes to the accounts, result allocation, notice of deposit, etc.).

You're looking for:

Improve the efficiency of your annual accounts' preparation process

With e-Accounts, you can:

  • Upload your trial balance, whatever you accounting software is
  • Automate the generation of the eCDF structured forms based on company's size criteria
  • Manage the notes of the accounts within a dedicated module by putting at your disposal all the templates of notes to the accounts of our Handbook for the preparation of annual accounts under the Luxembourg Accounting Framework
  • Roll forward your accounts from one year to another
  • Tailor your annual accounts in accordance with your needs
    (management accounts)
Comply with the requirements set for the accounting package

With e-Accounts, you can:

  • Map your group chart of accounts
  • Automate the creation of balance sheet and profit and loss account forms
  • Run the Validation rules set by eCDF applied upfront to ensure a full compliance
  • Integrate directly notes to the accounts, auditor report, management report within the application
  • Prepare your annual accounts in English, French and German
  • Facilitate the approval process by allowing you to generate user friendly management accounts
  • Possibility to schedule a review by foresee a review by our experts upon request
Fulfill electronic filing obligations

With e-Accounts, you can:

  • Manage both accounting information required by eCDF (structured) and
    eRCS (non-structured)
  • Generate XML file for the structured information to be filed on eCDF
  • Generate PDF/A file for the non-structured information to be filed on eRCS

e-Accounts: a fully integrated web-based platform

We have an integrated, digital and comprehensive tool that is compliant with Luxembourg requirements and aligned for you to use efficiently.

  • e-Accounts is web-based and guarantee of an up-to-date compliant system (updated according to legislation changes) and of a value-added support including templates issued by our Accounting Technical Team,
  • e-Accounts will allow you to manage both the structured and non-structured information,
  • e-Accounts allow you to prepare your annual accounts in-house,
  • e-Accounts complies with the security standards, the data are hosted by PwC on a separate secured server,
  • No intensive training for the team is required, however a basic training on the use of the accounting software is recommended, user guides are available online.

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